Los Angeles SEO Experts

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Los Angeles SEO Experts will get you ranked up in a short period of time! Imagine ranking up for a keyword term on the top of the second page. This is the worst! Most potential customers look at the first page to make decision on company. If you have a small local business, it is important to optimize your website so that you are listed on google, yahoo, and Bing. SEO for Local Business in Los Angeles SEO experts are familiar with search engine optimization, which is important for your local business because optimizing your website will...

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New Instagram Layout

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The Instagram team has today announced Layout from Instagram, the latest photo-sharing app from the Facebook-owned social networking company. Following in the footsteps of the popular Hyperlapse app, for creating and sharing time-lapse videos, this new free stand-alone offering allows users to combine multiple still images into simple collage-style layouts for sharing online. Using a collage can often help your Instagram post tell a story more effectively than a single image, making it more engaging for your followers. Creating Easy Collages...

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What is the Future of Advertising?

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Where is Advertising Going? With the rise of online media content providers such as Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu; it looks like advertising is going digital. We saw this coming from years behind but now that we are reaching a point where the majority of people use the Internet, the ad space is enormous. Advertising Online There are many ways to advertise online. The important thing is to figure out which works out best for your company. A good example of this would be a law firm advertising on Twitter. This may bring in a couple of clients but a...

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