Entertainment Marketing

entertainment marketingEntertainment Marketing consists of promoting clients that are involved in music, film, sports, media etc.

This area of marketing takes a huge amount of expertise and knowledge for each clients particular needs.

Los Angeles Advertising and Marketing has years of experience handling this type of work. We operate at a very professional level. If we do work for you, nobody knows it except for you! Privacy is very important to us.

Entertainment Marketing and Actor Development

We are a full digital entertainment marketing agency that specializes in helping actors and musicians gain attention through social media platforms. Our entertainment promotion strategy will help you get the reputation management that you need to make it in the big leagues. Los Angeles is a competitive city. If you are not popular on social media, why would a record label want to sign you?

Actor Development and Marketing

Our actor development and entertainment marketing team helps starving actors create an online reputation for themselves. Doing this the right way, through popular social media outlets, will help actors and musicians land future gigs.

We don’t like to brag but.. we know a lot of people in the entertainment industry. We know the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, if fact, we operate in Hollywood, the heart of the movie industry.

Entertainment is all about popularity. If you can showcase your talent and show that you already have a strong following online, it is a done deal. If you have the talent to make it, we have the perfect actor development marketing package for you.

Entertainment Marketing Packages for Actors

actor developmentEach entertainer is different. The first thing we do is give you a consultation. During this consultation we will talk with you about your career and what you have done so far. We will discuss your future goals and plans. During this time we will answer any questions you may have about the entertainment industry.

Next, we put together a customized marketing package that is tailored to you and your goals. We put together the most cost effective actor development marketing plan for you. We know that upcoming actors and musicians don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. We try to work with everyone.

**These statements do not implicate that Los Angeles Advertising will provide any work for free or by commission pay. We are an LA Ad Firm that provides high-end services. Please do not contact us regarding free advertising work. Thank You for your Understanding**

Complete Entertainment Marketing Package – Los Angeles Actor Development

Literally millions of people flock to LA with hopes and dreams of making it on the big screen in hollywood. Very few are successful and many actors and musicians could have been in the spotlight with the proper guidance.

We help newbies, veterans, and los angeles locals navigate through the complicated terrain of the Hollywood Entertainment industry. Our entertainment marketing helps actors develop themselves across a wide variety of online social platforms.

You can expect our team to handle you marketing work in the most professional way possible. We understand that you are busy. Taking auditions, practicing your talent, networking with people in the entertainment industry, etc. That is why we want you to let us handle you online reputation.

We treat privacy as a top priority. We make sure that we get approval from you on any materials that need to be posted in the public view. Even if you are not a superstar celebrity, we treat you as if you are one. We only sign on clients that have real talent.

If we sign you on to our agency it is because we believe our entertainment marketing services will make you a superstar celebrity. We stick to the old saying, “you don’t need to be taught, you need to be developed”.

Full Marketing Package for Musicians – Artist Marketing Services

Our advertising agency is one of the few in los angeles that provides full marketing packages for musicians. If you are an upcoming artist, you need your social media, youtube, and website always in top shape. The only problem is that musicians that are trying to make it can’t afford big ad campaign budgets. We started our full marketing package for musicians to help starving artists get the online attention they deserve.

Marketing helps musicians get the attention they need to land shows and future gigs. Once your new fans see you perform at a show, they will go to your facebook page and see all of the fan interaction. This will help further the connection with that fan and help secure a base for future online music sales.

  • Musician Website Design
  • Thousands of Facebook Likes
  • Targeted Youtube Views & Likes
  • Musician Reputation Management
  • Itunes and Other Music Distribution
  • And More.