Los Angeles Logo Design

Our Ad Agency has years of experience creating logos on both a corporate and local level. If you are interested in getting a new logo created for your company, we want to help you. Before we create a logo for a client we have a meeting so we can understand the client’s company. We feel that your logo is a direct reflection of your company.

When you contract our agency to create you a logo you can expect top of the line work. Our graphic design team sits down and has a brain storming session for your logo creation. During this session we will draw up designs and bounce ideas off of each other. After the logo design session, we will bring our ideas to you to be reviewed for official creation.

We will create 1-4 different versions of your logo upon approval of the write-up copy. We use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator to create logos, unless you request other software to be used. If you are not familiar with this, you can learn more about adobe illustrator by visiting http://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator.html.

We work with different shapes and color combinations to bring you something that we feel competes at a professional competitive level.

Los Angeles Logo Design Services

  • Brainstorming Sessions for Logo Ideas
  • Logo Design Consultations
  • Logo Drawings and Write Ups
  • Logo Redesigns or Revamping of designs
  • Complete Logo Design Solutions
  • And More

Los Angeles Advertising Logo Examples